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Climate change is among  the greatest challenges humanity has ever faced. Our response must include everybody; everyday; everything; everywhere. The plant sync brings that spirit to gardening and raises awareness for action in other areas.

Appropriate plant choices and gardening practices create resilient landscapes, prevent greenhouse gas emissions, and remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Climate-mindful gardening integrates and supports water conservation, wildlife, food, pollinators, biodiversity, and energy savings.

The Facts

The plant sync brings climate change action to gardening. We raise awareness of climate change in the gardening community. Our programs are designed to provide climate-friendly choices to people in their gardening lives and give them positive actions to take in the struggle against climate change.

Our motto is everybody; everyday; everything; everywhere.

Program Examples

  • Open Source Plants

    Our first program for Open Source Plants is “Grow-Share-Repeat.” Grow-Share Repeat is the local, seasonal propagation and sharing of ornamental plants. By growing and sharing plants locally, we avoid the “embedded carbon” inherent in having a plant grown a thousand miles away, shipped to a store and sold to a consumer.

  • My Summer Valentine

    Greenhouse gas emissions are embedded in the cut flower industry. Plants are started in other countries, shipped all over the world, and sold in the United States. An alternative to Valentine’s Day, “My Summer Valentine” encourages people to celebrate their love on a day when cut flowers are available locally and can be gifted with less embedded greenhouse gas emissions.

The People

Matthew Bailey, Owner/Founder


With degrees in biology, plant biotechnology, and crop genetics — and careers in industry and academia as a scientist and research administrator — Matthew ditched his real job in 2009 to work for himself and breed ornamental plants. Along the way the irksome issue of climate change got the better of him, and the plant sync was born.



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Gardening Today on WHO Radio April 03, 10:00 am