Plant Sync – What’s in a Name

plant sync” — What’s in a name?

Well . . . maybe more than you think.

In the first instance, the “plant sync” is a play on words. On the one hand it refers to the ability of plants to act as a biological “sink” for carbon dioxide. On the other hand it refers to the local sharing of plants ; i.e. the “syncing” of plant selections among participants ( See Grow-Share-Repeat). Also, in today’s world, the term “sync” is most used to refer to management of electronic information, and has a technology ring to it. The plant sync is dependent Yeah! on the internet and social media technology to have any kind of broad impact.

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In modern usage, the informal term Zone” “sync” has come to mean more than aligning events exactly in wholesale jerseys time cheap nba jerseys (e.g., synchronize your watches!). Change It now means a good match or a harmonious relationship of any kind (e.g.; the shop manager is “in sync” with her customers).  So, the plant sync seeks to develop relationships among people and plants that maximally promote prevention and mitigation of, and adaptation to, climate change. While the main focus of the plant sync is immediate and direct action to fight climate change, we also know that plants provide many other interconnected services.*  So the plant sync will acknowledge and integrate actions around these services as we go.

Finally, “plant sync” refers to all participants as a whole — sharing common cause against climate change. We are all — together — the plant sync.

Matthew Bailey

July 15, 2015

* You know, little things like test oxygen, food, clothing, shelter, recreation, beauty, etc.